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BIOPROX HEALTHCARE, Services | Bioprox Healthcare



Flexible solutions to meet your request

Our subcontracting services offer enables you to develop, produce on an industrial scale, optimize and increase the stability of your own strains.

For this purpose, your BIOPROX HEALTHCARE partner offers you:

  • Its expertise
  • Its ability to innovate
  • Its mastery of various technical processes (fermentation, centrifuging, freeze-drying and formulation)
  • Its mastery of specific analytical techniques (liquid and gas phase chromatography, measurements of the activity of the water, dry solids, nitrogen dosing, selection and isolation of microorganisms, etc.)
  • Its high-performance hi-tech installations
  • Its production capacity
  • Its knowledge of the regulations in force
  • Its quality control

Custom production


  • Development study for new strains
  • Industrial optimization study
  • Stability study
  • Pilot production
  • Industrial production

From bacteria to the finished product


  • Delivery of bulk freeze-dried powder
  • The possibility of supplying multistrain mixes with the percentage and total concentration of your choosing
  • Packaging as a finished product on demand
    (capsules, sticks, bags, blister packs, etc.)