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BIOPROX HEALTHCARE, Production | Bioprox Healthcare



A stringent approach that serves our customers

Located in Noyant in the Maine-et-Loire Department (49), the BIOPROX HEALTHCARE production unit has a high-performance production plant.

Many investment outlays have been made in order to achieve optimal production capacity using technically sophisticated equipment. Its production capacities and its full mastery of the processes involved in fermentation, centrifuging, freeze-drying and formulation enable BIOPROX HEALTHCARE to offer quality products at competitive prices.

The competitiveness of our production unit guarantees our industrial performance.

Research & Development


  • Genetic identification
  • Antibiogram


  • Tests of resistance to gastrointestinal conditions


  • Optimization of pilot and industrial production
  • Optimization of the conditions for cultures and freeze-drying
  • Stability kinetics under storage conditions

Production capacity

  • Fernentor from 1.000 to 10.000 liters
  • Concentration of the bacteriae biomass by centrifuging
  • Freeze-dryiers from 12 to 38 m²
  • Grinder, screener, blenders
  • Formulation (solid, liquid)

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Applying the regulations in force (HACCP, …)
  • Site with ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications, and FDA approved
  • Halal production
  • Kosher production
  • Quality control on each batch
  • Traceability of the strains shipped

Packaging and transport

  • Shipping of bulk powders
  • Triple-laminated aluminum bags
  • Net weight from 10 g to 20 kg
  • Secondary packaging in expanded polystyrene foam boxes
  • Cold packs added
  • Using dry ice is also a possibility or refrigerated transportation